As a speaker coach, I helped shape the narratives of all of the 2017–2019 TEDxSoMa talks.

As co-creator, I sourced and wrote all issues of Project Mobilize.

No. 1 - HealthSherpa helps millions get affordable insurance.

No. 3 - Remix helps cities make transit more accessible, affordable and sustainable.

No. 5 - Countable helps voters understand upcoming legislation.

No. 7 - Grove sells sustainable household and personal care products.

No. 9 - True Link protects American seniors from financial abuse.

No. 2 - Propel helps EBT recipients take control of their welfare and finances

No. 4 - Mission Lane helps those most in need access and build credit.

No. 6 - Grand Rounds

No. 8 - Glooko is making life easier for people living with diabetes.

No. 10 - Shift helps veterans transition to civilian careers.

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