Captain Long John Copper, the larger-than-life leonine leader from On the Run, has a long and storied history. Six stories long, to be exact.

Six Tales for a Copper is a work-in-progress that will feature six short stories that chart Copper's course from the discovery of his life's ambitions through the capture of his dread ship, Sea Biscuit, to the moments just preceding On the Run.

  1. The Soul of a Survivor. A failed attempt to steal a dragon's horde has left Copper without ship or crew. But with the help of a young, blind wizard trying to run away from her overbearing guardian, he might be able to seize the ship of his destiny.
  2. Betrayal on Slybreak. Professor Cora Bungaree has chartered an expedition to uncover secrets buried beneath a remote island. But those secrets may prove quite valuable in the wrong hands. Can she trust her hiring of Captain “Coppernicus” and his crew?
  3. Excerpts from the Diary of Uma Radcliff. Fate conspires to teach us what we need to learn, often at our own expense. Fate, along with Copper, saved Radcliff from a life in prison. Now, as they attempt to steal a dragon’s horde, fate might melt her wings and her delusions of love for the captain.
  4. The Blood in Their Mouths. Ten years have passed since The Soul of a Survivor, and never once has Copper’s drive faltered. He needs a minotaur, and he has found one. But his crew grows restless beneath his obstinance. Will he have to sacrifice his oldest and dearest friendship to satisfy his boundless ambition?
  5. The Final Hour. After three months of laying siege to the walled city of Vichy, Copper's nemesis narrowly fails to assassinate him. In his pursuit of revenge, he stumbles across an ancient and powerful relic that changes his bearings forever.
  6. A Dragon’s Shadow. Lin’s Son — a small dragon newly adopted by the Biscuit’s most formidable mercenary — wakes to find Lin missing. He spends the day searching, but finds little help from the irate cook, the impatient Captain Copper, or even the enigmatic spirits bound to guard the ship.

Dark comedy fantasy. New adult audience.

Soul of a Survivor Sample.pdf

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