Captain Long John Copper, the larger-than-life leonine leader from On the Run, has a long and storied history. Six stories long, to be exact.

Six Tales for a Copper is a work-in-progress that will feature six short stories that chart Copper's course from his first adventure as a pirate to the discovery of his life's ambitions and the capture of his dread ship, Sea Biscuit.

  1. The Soul of a Survivor. A failed attempt to steal a dragon's horde has left Copper without ship or crew. But with the help of a young, blind wizard trying to run away from her overbearing guardian, he might be able to seize the ship of his destiny.
  2. Untitled story about an expedition to a remote island said to house an ancient, eldritch artifact.
  3. Untitled story about a failed attempt to steal a dragon's horde, and the crew abandoned in the effort.
  4. Untitled story about Copper's origin as a pirate.
  5. The Final Hour. After three months of laying siege to the walled city of Vichy, Copper's nemesis narrowly fails to assassinate him. In his pursuit of revenge, he stumbles across an ancient and powerful relic that changes his bearings forever.
  6. Untitled story about Copper and Lin's Son, a small dragon from On the Run*.*

Dark comedy fantasy. New adult audience.

Soul of a Survivor Sample.pdf

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