👋 Hi, I'm Patrick. I tell stories as a podcaster, improviser, and writer.

🎭 I talk about improv, TTRPGs, creativity, and more on Twitter and [TikTok](

🖋 Bylines: TEDxSoMa, Project Mobilize. Ghostwritten for video games.

📚 I record my influences, like books, games, and tools.

The Strange Fellows of Fenhork: On the Run

They say telling people about your D&D game is like telling people about your dreams: they don't get it and they don't care. I took that personally. For 16 months starting in 2020, I ran a game that so thoroughly blew me away, I had to write it down.

The resulting novel pairs the dry humor of Discworld with the swashbuckling conspiracies of The Princess Bride, then shoves them through an eldritch filter. The novel is 90,000 words and I'm now seeking representation!

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Six Tales for a Copper

Captain Long John Copper, the larger-than-life leonine leader from On the Run, has a long and storied history. Six stories long, to be exact.

Six Tales for a Copper features six short stories that chart Copper's course from his first adventure as a pirate to the discovery of his life's ambitions and the capture of his dread ship, Sea Biscuit.

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